Current Projects

NOTE: The Disability Determination Process (DDP) Small Grant Program was the predecessor program to ARDRAW. DDP operated from 2012-2017 and produced 49 successfully completed research projects. These are available on the DDP website at the following link:

CohortNameCollege/UniversityDegreeProgramProject Title
3Allaire, TedEastern Michigan University PhDClinical Psychology Depression and Anxiety during Acute, Inpatient Rehabilitation as Possible Predictors of Eventual Return to Work, Post-Spinal-Cord-Injury (SCI)
3Beneteau, ErinUniversity of WashingtonPhDInformation SciencesAlternative Work Opportunities for Adults Who Have Degenerative Conditions and Implications for Social Security Disability Policy
3Carolan, KelsiBoston UniversityPhDSocial WorkWorking with Parkinson’s Disease: Examining the Effects of Key Influences, Resources and Supports on Work Related Decision-Making and Outcomes
3Edmonds, AmyUniversity of Washington PhDPublic HealthNon-Standard Employment: Health and Financial Implications for Workers Living with Permanent Partial Disability
3Hurley, KatherineGeorge Washington University PhDCounselingDo Early Mentorship and Work-Exposure Predict Type of Employment and Longevity in the Workforce for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Eligible for Social Security Benefits
3Hyland, MeganCornell University PhDPolicy Analysis and ManagementMaking it Work: Transitions From Physically Demanding Employment in Advanced Age
3McCauley, ErinCornell UniversityPhDPolicy Analysis & Sociology How does enrollment in a work-study program between 8th and 12th grade moderate the relationship between disability and employment?
3Murray, JessicaGraduate Center, CUNY PhDDevelopmental PsychologySelf-Determination in Transportation: The Route to Social Inclusion for People with Disabilities
3Sadler, TonieThe University of Chicago PhDSocial Service AdministrationFrom High school to Precarity in Chicago: How disability policies shape the experience of transition to early adulthood for low income young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities
3Sandh, SimonNew York UniversityPhDPublic Health - Epidemiology Comparisons of drug use, workplace drug policy, and utilization of drug rehabilitation services among construction workers and their non-construction work counterparts
3Savin, KatieUniversity of California, Berkeley PhDSocial WelfareHow SSI and SSDI Beneficiaries Work and Current Labor Incentive Programs
3Sullivan, JohnUniversity of Texas at AustinPhDSocial WorkWorkforce Participation and Healthcare Access among Working-Age Adults in the U.S. with Chronic Kidney Disease