Current Projects

NOTE: The Disability Determination Process (DDP) Small Grant Program was the predecessor program to ARDRAW. DDP operated from 2012-2017 and produced 49 successfully completed research projects available here.

NameUniversityProject Title
Kristy AndersonUniversity of WisconsinThe impact of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit receipt on youth engagement with early work: Findings from a national sample of transition age youth with autism.
Katie CoxUniversity of UtahUnderstanding the Relationship and Fit between Workers’ Needs as Reflected in SSI and SSDI Claims and EEOC Charge Data and Court Decisions with Regard to Reasonable Accommodations
Robert DemboBrandeis UniversityUnemployed People with Disabilities: Have the Barriers to Work Changed?
Ashley JamisonClemson UniversityAccess to Healthcare & Employment
Andrew JenksUniversity of DelawareUnderstanding the Possible Impact of Ticket to Work and Other Programs Among Individuals Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired: A Case Study of Delaware
Mitzi LauderdaleKansas State UniversityWork Transitions among SSI and SSDI Recipients Nearing Retirement: Employer Accommodations, Private Insurance, and Individuals with Mental Health Disability
Erin McCauleyCornell UniversityHow disability shapes labor force participation differentially by education attainment and disability type.
Elizabeth O'NeillUniversity of KansasHealthcare, Employment, and Disability for Individuals with Co-Occurring Severe Mental Illness and Chronic Physical Health Conditions
Amy PenickSt. Louis UniversityDisability Identity Achievement, Disclosure and Accommodation Seeking of People with Disabilities in Higher Education
Eric SuedmeyerUniversity of MemphisCareer Resilience Scale for Adults with Disabilities Development Study
Jeffrey TrantUniversity at AlbanyExamining the Relationship Among Opioid Misuse, Disability, and Employment